Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sleepy, Sweet Girl

Sweet summer girl 8

One afternoon I was crocheting on the couch, trying to get Peelu to take a nap. She had a movie on and seemed to be lulling herself to sleep. This is not an easy task for her these days. She won't stay in her room if you put her down for a nap. ANd frankly I don't have a lot of patience with coaxing her.

Sweet summer girl 7

She usually won't stop moving around because she knows she'll fall asleep if she does. And for the most part, we don't really worry about it. She's our third child. She gets hauled everywhere. She has to go with the flow and has never really had a standard nap schedule.

Sweet summer girl 6

For the most part she is not usually too cranky when she doesn't get a nap in and she sleeps wonderfully through the night. So we don't worry about it.

Sweet summer girl 5

But she is exceptionally sweet looking when she's sleepy, either just before falling asleep or just after waking up.

Sweet summer girl 3

I was lucky enough to quietly crochet away and take these sweet photos of her. She's growing up fast. We need more photos like these to be able to remember her soft, sweet, three year old spirit.

Sweet summer girl 2

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