Saturday, August 7, 2010

Something to be proud of....

Crayon and colored pencil fair entries for Lil' Mermaid

And I am NOT talking about the ribbons or premium money (although those are fun too!) I am talking about all the hard work and creativity that has gone into these projects.

I think there was even a few tears in there too and possibly some bloodshed (from a pricked finger during the sewing). But it is worth it to see such happy faces on these kids as they shared their MANY, MANY fair entries and explained (oftentimes in tedious detail) how they made each and every item. If you were an unlucky victim - I mean, visitor - to our home during this time, then you got the whole spiel about each and every project. (Grandma and Grandpa W had the bad luck to be out of town during fair, so they got the two hour "look what we entered in Fair" blow-by-blow account from each child, when they came home!)

Peelu's 2010 fair entries
Peelu entered items in the following categories 0-3 years old: acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, felt marker, crayon

Lil' Mermaid and her 2010 Fair Entries
Lil' Mermaid entered items in the following categories 7-9 years old: Acrylic, scrapbook page, crayon, colored pencil, sewing -batik flag fish, felt marker, watercolor, mixed media, recycle art, nature art, felting

HOt Rod and his 2010 fair entries
Hot Rod entered items in the following categories 7-9 years old: sewing - other (Popeye Flag), sewing pillow (beaver), recycle art, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel chalk, watercolor, felt marker (on tin), pen & ink, scrapbook page, nature art, baked clay, felting

Okay, and the biggest craft geek in the family.....
My Fair entries 2010
photographs, crochet, felted crocheted items

I know you are probably laughing and rolling your eyes right now. But you really should consider entering items in your local fair! IT IS TOTALLY GEEKY CRAFTY FUN! People will make fun of you - but oh yeah - did they win a ribbon? I didn't think so.

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