Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Lil' Granny Bowl

Felted granny square bowl

Isn't she cute? So easy to make too. Crocheting any type of granny item has definitely been a low-level obsession for the past few months. I had seen some cute granny square bowls on Ravelry and thought I should try it. And the fact that they were felted made my heart even happier. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE felting things? Okay, here's the bowl after I finished crocheting:

pre-felting top view
All ready to felt
Granny square bowl pre-felting

SO dang easy to make. Just a granny square and then no corner increases to make the sides. I usually am a 3 chain corner girl and 2 chain between the granny clusters. But I think to keep the stitches closer together for felting purposes, this time I did a 2 chain corner and no chain between the clusters.

Did that make sense? If not, here is a more detailed explanation I gave a lady on Ravelry: My bowl base is 5 rounds, I believe. 3 blue and 2 white. These rounds I did with the two granny clusters in the corners. The next green round is where I stopped making the 2 cluster corners. Just regular granny clusters (3dc) in all chain spaces (or spaces between clusters). So the “walls” of my bowl consist of 7 rounds. For the zigzag/ricrac effect I did two rounds of the same color in a row (the green and the blue). Then I did single rounds of white, green and blue. I finished off with sc around the top.

And here is the bowl all felted again. Twice in the washer, stopping at the spin cycle.

Granny square bowl from above

I was just loving these summer-y colors and decided to make some more granny square coasters and felt them at the same time as the bowl. I think I changed the coaster configuration slightly from the first ones I made, by no chains between clusters and two chains on the corners.

Granny square coasters to be felted
More felted granny coasters

These are such an easy and fast gift idea. And I don't know why I didn't snap a pic, but the coasters fit snuggly in the bowl, even though I didn't intend for that purpose.

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