Sunday, August 8, 2010

This DARN felted bowl!

Felted bowl up close

Okay, I started this baby last summer when I was all obsessed with felted bowls. Remember these? Well, I got bored with the single crochet and put it away. I decided I wanted to finish it, felt it and enter it in Fair. So amidst the pre-Fair craziness I did all that. But.......notice anything wrong?

My darn felted bowl again!

MY BLUE YARN DID NOT FELT!!! Obviously a wool blend that fooled the crap out of me.

Yep, apparently the blue was NOT....

Aargh!! But can YOU tell the difference pre-felting?

My finally finished rainbow bowl
The side of the rainbow bowl

Ehhhh....I guess it still looks sorta cool. It holds things.

My felted rainbow bowl

And I learned a lesson. Check your damn wool before you felt!!!

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