Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brainy Boy

Sweet smile with new hat

Okay, he is a smart boy, but the pattern of this hat is actually called Brain Waves. It's pretty cool and FREE if you're on Ravelry.

Wavy Hat design for Hot Rod

Another one of those patterns that is way easier than you think it's going to be. Liz McQueen is the designer of this super cool hat and she has a bunch more cool patterns on her web site and on Ravelry.

Brain waves for my crazy boy

I will DEFINITELY be making more of this hat and getting some of Liz's other patterns. Oh, and this was just made with some inexpensive Red Heart yarn due to Hot Rod's rough way of wearing clothes and the need for wash-ability for this boy!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention and the compliments! I wrote about your post on my Twitter & Facebook pages! HAPPY HOOKING!