Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chalkboard Thought Bubble Fun

Be cool

I saw this cute, cute tutorial on a really quick and easy chalkboard thought bubble and knew I had to try it with the maniacs. We had some friends over right before school started and we thought that was a great place to try these nifty things out...

Laugh more
Be silly
Found a cute, fast tutorial on whipping these chalkboard signs up
Smile More
Be Happy
Make the world happy

Aren't these fun???!! The kids came up with what to write themselves. And Lil' mermaid and Hot Rod took that idea to extremes the next day when they made up some "comic book" type photos. That's what they called them anyway.

"Oh wipeout"
These two decided to make comic book type photos

"Oh that's deadly"
And yet more of their comic book photos

More of their comic book photos

Yes, those are my children (mental eye roll).

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  1. Your son reminds me of mine, and we have similar pictures of him about that age in too small clothing. I am still chuckling at that picture of him in that jacket. He will laugh so hard when he's older just like my son at how goofy he was. By the way, it just gets goofier! :) Jake is 15 and loves to put on a show.