Thursday, September 9, 2010

A fashionista's new pair of shoes

The shoes on

Lil' Mermaid has always had her own fashion sense. Right before school started, I gave her a cheap pair of canvas sneakers to design for her first day of school. She dove right in with her fearless fashion and artistic design sense.

Working on her shoe design

A rainbow of anything is fun to see. Ahhh....but a rainbow of Sharpies is divine....oh the possibilities...

Ahhhh....a rainbow of Sharpies...
Workign on the tongues first
Intensely working on her design

A rainbow - that's my girl!
One completed shoe

I think they turned out pretty amazing. She incorporated several designs of her favorite things and made them truly her own.

Side View: The finished shoes without laces
Top View: The finished shoes without laces
Other Side View: The finished shoes without laces
Back View: The finished shoes without laces

Whatta designer, eh? As you've probably noticed on the pages of this blog, Lil' Mermaid dresses for herself and herself alone. When she was younger I used to try and get her to "match" her clothes better and I'd shudder when she came out of her room in some of the outfits that she picked. But when she entered public school and still kept up her independent dressing style, I realized that I liked it. It was so quintessentially her. She's not the most outgoing kid and can in fact appear shy when you first meet her. But she is not afraid of who she is, and she exhibits her personality best in how she dresses. When you can already see so many little girls obsessed and consumed with how they look and trying to be like everybody else, I realized that I really needed to support this cool, individualistic streak of hers. And now when she walks to school with striped knee socks over patterned tights, a bright colored skirt and her hot pink jacket, I get parents who tell me they can't wait to drive by and see what Lil' Mermaid is wearing on the way to school because they think she's a funky and cool kid.

That makes me happy.

And for a $4.00 pair of shoes, that is undeniably worth it.

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