Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Pre-school

FIRST Day of Preschool

Sniff, sniff...all of the maniacs are in school now. Peelu started her first day at our beloved co-op preschool in town. Our favorite teachers are still there (phew!) and it felt like coming home. Different, but oh such a wonderfully loving and curious and fun environment.

These best buds are happy to be in preschool together

Becky and I were wondering how Lukey and Peelu would be with the other kids. Would they have their own little world? Would Peelu get mad if Lukey had other friends besides her? They started out drifting toward the train table (Luke's favorite), but then she warmed up and found the arts & crafts side of the preschool....

This will obviously be one of her favorite preschool stations
Pre-school play-doh is awesome!

..yep, that's my girl. Painting and freshly homemade play dough? This is gonna be a good year! She was still a bit apprehensive and glad that I got to stay with her that whole first afternoon but I know how special this little school is and how it will lovingly help form her first footsteps into school life. I do have to remember that she is 9 months younger than Lukey and 6 months younger than her brother and sister when they started (plus she's not attending with a twin sibling).

After their first day at preschool

But I know, it will be a magical year for her and for us, as our baby grows up and take some of her first steps towards independence. Sniff, sniff....

First day of school sweetness

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