Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of Second Grade

First Day of School

Yep, we got us some second graders! And boy was I ready.....I mean, were they ready to head back to school. And as you can see, they were joined on their inaugural 2nd grade walk to school with their best buds (a happy first grader and crazy third grader were mixed in there too).

Even the new pre-schoolers cheered them on (they didn't start for another week).
First day for big kids

We started off with breakfast with our buds, a yummy first-day-of-school lunch and our dorky annual note & photo and then off we walked together. Hope the school was prepared...

The lunchbox note for first day of 2nd grade

Not sure if Lil' Mermaid was this goofy at school but...
My Big Second Grade Girl

Hot Rod looks like he's matured...we'll see what the teacher says.
My Big Second Grade Boy

Have a great school year, my little maniacs!

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