Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Fall

Turning leaf on cut log is my favorite season of the year.

Turning leaf on alyssum

The colors are amazing.

Turning leaf on lava rock

The textures and designs of nature seem to just pop out at you from every direction.

Baby maple leaves on our tree

But I'm feeling a little bittersweet this year too. Not sure why, maybe because Winter is looming closer and as beautiful as that season can be, it is my least favorite. Maybe it's because ALL of my kids are in school for the first time (even if it's only 5 hours/week for Peelu). Maybe it's just the let-down from Summer and getting the family settled in the school time routine. But whatever the reason, I will be sure to take some moments for myself during the day to absorb the colors around me, smell the wood stoves firing up, let the sunshine warm my face and enjoy the crystal clear (but slightly colder) walks to and from school.

Hello Fall.

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