Monday, September 6, 2010

It's been a very slow start

Broccoli growing
And a strange year for our garden. Not that gardening in Central Oregon is ever easy. But an uncommonly wet Spring and a very mild Summer, has not made our little backyard garden flourish as we would like. But we have high hopes still...if we can keep the frost at bay and we have had some success so far.

Lettuce has done well:
Some butter lettuce
Good thing we LOVE salads!
Red Leaf Lettuce

Tried some new fun stuff, like this kohlrabi which is yummy in stir fry:

And SURPRISE, SURPRISE....PEACHES in Central Oregon?
Peaches in Central Oregon?

Yep, the little tree that Ross planted last year has borne some yummy fruit. BIG excitement around here, let me tell 'ya....yes, we are geeks.

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