Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainbow Laundry

My rainbow clothesline #8
I've been a little quiet on my laundry line this past Summer. We've been using it just as much as last year but I have tried to tame my obsessive posting about my laundry line love.

My rainbow clothesline #1

However, I thought this laundry collection was worth posting about. I had put up the laundry and then went to do some weeding and as I was looking at the clothes in the breeze I realized what a colorful collection I had out there.

My rainbow clothesline #6

I confess that I did not originally put the clothes up in ROY G BIV order. But when I saw that I had all the rainbow colors represented, I went over and did some re-arranging.

My rainbow clothesline #7

Pathetic right?

My rainbow clothesline #4

Or maybe we could just all use a little extra rainbow sightings in our life!

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