Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State Fair Pottery

Mine, Lil' Mermaid's & Hot Rod's raku pottery

Eek! I almost forgot to post about our awesome pottery experience too! I was very lucky to grow up with a mother who was very artistic and crafty. And I was pretty spoiled because one of the crafts I was able to frequently participate in was pottery and ceramics. My mom had her own kiln, many molds and all the good stuff that goes along with creating clay masterpieces. Unfortunately she sold it all when they moved up to Oregon. SOoooo, when we walked around the fairgrounds and wandered into the artist's area I spied a raku pottery set-up. This kind of high fire pottery is something my mom has always been interested in. And I have to say that I myself have been musing about taking some pottery classes (the apple must not fall far from the tree). This studio had a display of different different stoneware pieces ready to glaze and fire right there at their portable kiln. They promised to have them fired and ready to take home in an hour - for only $5!!! The whole deal was only $5. I couldn't believe it.

We had to still head back to watch a showmanship class so I dragged my big maniacs (Peelu was off walking with her Papa) and Grandma W over and "made" them participate with me. First we picked out our items (which took quite a while for the maniacs) and then we were given a slight tutorial on the glazes. Then we started applying the glaze.

Still glazing
Lil' Mermaid glazing her whale pottery
Can you see the cool design on Hot Rod's pottery?
Grandma W. glazing her bird
Glazing his raku pottery

You can see how intent the maniacs were.....hmmmmm...maybe I need to re-start the family pottery/ceramic tradition and buy a kiln.....(just kidding, Ross, or not....) But then....look at how fabulous (I mean - FAB-U-LOUS) they turned out...

Less than 2 hours later...

The raku looks so amazing with the crackling & oxidation of the glaze and the blackened,sooty portions of the pottery piece.

Here's mine up-close. I love the design:
Close-up of my raku potInside of my pot

Here's Hot Rod's...his has a cool design that the artist carved into the side:
Hot Rod's pieceInside of Hot Rod's pot

Lil' Mermaid's had a cool whale design and turned out the most metallic looking:
I love the mettalic shine of Lil' Mermaid's potInside of Lil' Mermaid's pot

And Grandma W.'s pretty bird is sitting up on a table in her house. We think she was very happy that we forced her to play with pottery again. And if I can find a raku studio over on this side of the mountains - I am so there!

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