Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's the 4th without a hike?

Of we go...

We started this tradition last year, to have a family hike on the 4th of July or at least during that holiday weekend.

Start of the hike

This year we went up to Tombstone Pass, intending to hike a bit on the trail. But we missed the trail and instead walked along an old wagon road.

Santiam Wagon trail sign
Leading the way

It was equally fun, as you can tell!

Of course she's laughing

Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid brought some of their nature guides and enjoyed looking at wildflowers and bugs and fungi.
Consulting the guide
Turkey Tail?
Papa & Lil' Mermaid checking out the wildfloer guide

It was a beautiful clear day and the scenery was just breathtaking.
Just gorgeous.
Beautiful day

The maniacs climbed trees, scrounged around in the dirt and acted crazy....hmmm...nothing unusual in any of that...
Shimmying down a fallen tree
The tree climber
Crazy Girl
Thirsty girl

One of those days that makes you happy to be with your family, happy to live in a beautiful area, and happy that everyone is healthy AND crazy!
The whole fam
Mama & Lil' Mermaid
The twin hiking maniacs
The maniac Hikers
Our Girlies

Oh yeah! And VERY, VERY happy to celebrate 14 years together (Okay, really 16 1/2 but 14 officially!)
14 year anniversary

Happy day indeed.

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