Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zine Zany-ness!

Girl Zine Love

I have been fascinated for a while with zines and making your own stories. It's something I have always wanted to explore more. So when I found this article by Diane Gilleland on CRAFT....I KNEW, I just KNEW that it was time to find out more about the zine world. And after checking out this post and the accompanying links, I shared my new found knowledge with the maniacs....who in turn shared it with some of their friends...even while camping....I LOVE THAT!

Hot Rod whipping out a mini zine while camping
His finished mini zine
Zines at the campground!

And since we already dragged Big E into our felting world we decided to also introduce him to zines. He took his home and added some more pages and some really, cool and funny animal zany-ness. AWESOME!

Big E's Cool Animal Zine 1
Big E's Cool Animal Zine 2
Big E's Cool Animal Zine 3
Big E's Cool Animal Zine 4
Big E's Cool Animal Zine 5

I think zine making will be a fun, fun obsession for us. I mean, it's helping the maniacs with their reading and writing, right? See, this is actually educational! Ha!

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