Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra the Lovely

Not sure how this costume idea came up, except that I love Egyptian history, so I am sure I hugely encouraged Lil' mermaid when this idea came up. I think originally I wanted all of us to have Ancient Egyptian costumes, similar to our Viking fest from last year. But Lil' Mermaid is the only one who wanted to continue with the idea.

Cleo dancing

Grandma W. made the dress out of white muslin and the collar from gold felt and gold lame. We added a bit longer sleeves since our Halloween can be quite chilly here. You already saw how Lil' Mermaid herself sewed the beading on her collar. We found various types of gold trim that became her belt, and her crown. I used a gold pipe cleaner to make the snake shape for her
crown. We used Dollar Store beads for her bracelets and to hang down from her crown along the sides of her head. I found turquoise blue sandals also at the Dollar Store for her sandals. Then I dug out some liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow for her makeup. I think we also painted her nails and toenails a sparkly gold.

Cleo 1Cleo 3

All in all, not too difficult to put together. And she made a very pretty Ancient Eqyptian Queen.

Cleo 2

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