Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fairy Princess Costume

More of the Fairy Princess 5

I am sure this one is easy to figure out where the idea came from....what 3 year old girl DOESN'T want to be a fairy princess?

More of the Fairy Princess 4

This costume was fairly easy to come by because she had most of it as dress up clothes or dance clothes from her sister. We like easy when it comes to costumes. Her leotard was from her big sister during her dancing days. The super cute skirt was a birthday gift from her Cousins McK and B-Man.

Hopping Fairy Princess

I made her fairy crown with silk flowers and pipe cleaners.

Fairy Princess crown

Ross whittled down a branch into a wand and I needle felted the star for the top of the wand.

More of the Fairy Princess 3
Close-up or her needle felted star wand

And the necklaces were more Dollar Store jewelry that we always seem to have lying around the house. Grandma W had a spare set of purple wings in her costume bag and the tights and sparkly shoes were Peelu's own. (Okay, we did buy the shoes for her costume because they were so stinking cute. But they have since become a wardrobe staple.)

More of the Fairy Princess 1
Fairy Princess wings

She was even cute when she fell and was a sad, fairy princess for a few moments.

A sad little fairy princess

But she truly loved her costume and these cute photos of her running around in the backyard, looking like a real fairy princess, make all the costume gathering worth it!

More of the Fairy Princess 1
Such a cutie
Playing in the leaves
Our pretty princess - fairy style!

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