Sunday, October 10, 2010

Garden Art?

Heirloom Tomato Sun

Yep, this is taking the term "playing with your food" to extremes. We're making art with our food.

Garden man
Hot Rod's veggie art - Super Dog

Okay, really we had just picked a pile of our remaining veggies on the same sunny afternoon we made our flower art. We couldn't resist the bright colors of the veggies...

A nice little collection from the garden

So we lovingly arranged our tomatoes and peppers and beans, marveling at the bright colors and interesting textures, ever thankful that our garden came through for us!

Tomato art?
(Violet Jasper, Doc Wychee, Striped Romans, Pink Oxheart, Yellow Pear, Sun Sugar, Break of Day)
Heirloom tomato art

Then we had a colorful salad for dinner! Keep on coming sweet beauties!!!

A handful of joy

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