Monday, October 25, 2010

Orange Tie-Dye

Yep, we'll keep them

Our elementary school has a no-costume policy for Halloween but you can wear funny hats and "kinda" dress up in the spirit of Halloween. So the kids wanted to make some more orange shirts. A few years ago they had stenciled these Halloween shirts themselves. I found this pumpkin shirt tie-dye idea in Family Fun and thought it would fit the bill.

Ross helped them tie up their shirts in different designs.

Shirts all ready to dye

Then we followed the RIT dye instructions.

Dyeing away on the stovetop

We dried them on the laundry line - OF COURSE. And thought the designs were awesome.

Making use of the clothesline again
Lil' Mermaid's design drying
Peelu's design drying
Hot Rod's design drying

We LOVED how they came out. And decided not too draw the pumpkin faces on with markers because the kids wanted to wear them past Halloween. I was glad they made that decision because they are pretty cool looking.

The spider web design
Pumpkin Girl
My three maniacs decked out in orange

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