Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainbow God's Eye Craft

We've had a lot of yarn trailing around the house lately

Another old school craft for the Sunday School set. Surely you made these at summer camp or in school at some point in your life? If not - break out the popsicle sticks (or twigs) and yarn and get weaving.

Noah & the Ark Sunday School Lesson

We were studying Noah's Ark and I always try to add an artistic/crafty component when I teach. So I thought this was a great time to make mini God's Eyes with some rainbow yarn we had on hand. The symbolism of God's Eye speaks for itself and the rainbow is to remind us of the rainbow Noah saw after the flood.

Close-up of god's eye

I prepped this craft ahead of time by gluing the popsicle sticks together to make it easier for the kids to hold. I wrapped up one completed God's Eye and measure that yarn and then pre-cut the rest of the yarn for the kids ahead of time too.

One of the rainbow mini god's eye

They really enjoyed the craft. So much so that for mornings afterward, when we had some of our friends over to walk to school with us - the maniacs brought out the popsicle sticks and yarn and gave their friends tutorials on how to make them.

God's eye craft supplies
Wrapping a new god's eye
Making god's eyes before school

Lil' Mermaid even helped Luke make his own God's Eye and "Craft Stick Art".

Lil' Mermaid "Helped" Luke make his own

Hot Rod made so many that he tied them to his backpack and started a mini-trend at his school and soon several backpacks were sporting mini God's Eyes too!

Hot Rod decorated his backpack

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