Friday, October 22, 2010

Spread the Love Guerrilla Art

My "Spread the Love" tokens

A day off from school meant a crafter-noon at our place. The little ones were nicely playing by themselves and the boys were building some robots. So I introduced the girls to a new craft idea - Guerrilla Art...or at least my version of it.

Working on her tokens

Pretty cheap and easy. We had a bunch of wooden shapes on hand. And I already had the Sharpies - so we got to work.

Danika's "Spread the Love" art tokens

The purpose was to make some small pieces of art that we would leave somewhere for some random (or not so random) person to find - hopefully with the intent of making their day.

Back side of D's tokens

As you can see, the girls came up with some pretty designs.

Some of Lil' Mermaid's "Spread the Love" tokens

And of course I had to jump in too. And some found popsicle sticks became more "love tokens" as the girls called them.

Back side of my "Spread the Love" tokens
"Spread the Love" sticks
Back side of "Spread the Love" sticks

They have big ideas on where to leave them. We'll report back on how it goes.


  1. One was left at the library and another one on my night stand. So cool! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with my kids. Love the new blog posts. Keep them coming!

  2. Kelly-- You have always been so crafty and it just amazes me! Looks like you are at it again!! Love it!!