Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Present Hats

A Thomas Hat for Luke

Luke & Danika both had birthdays this Fall and since they are some of our favorite kids around, I decided to crochet some birthday hats for them both, along with their other gifts.

Another birthday hat for Luke

I made a basic beanie for Luke in camouflage colors, but it seemed too big. So I made a slightly smaller one in Thomas the Train colors (Luke's a huge fan). Happily both hats fit him fine and he wears them to our house almost every time we see him. That makes my heart smile.

Danika's Birthday hat
Close-up of BIG flower

Then Miss D got a whole slew of homemade crafty items from us. More on the rest of the gifts later, but the hat I spent a few days trying to get just right. And it was completely worth it when she gave me a big hug with her new hat on her head during her birthday party and has since worn it most mornings that she walks with us to school. And sweetly enough, several times she has come up to me to tell me how much she loves her hat and how many compliments she gets on it.

Cute girl with her crocheted hat gift

I definitely don't craft for money and there is always the "hmmmmm...I wonder if they'll really like it" thought when I ponder giving a handmade gift to a friend or family member. More often than not, I stick with giving my handmade gifts to my crafty friends who will at least appreciate the craftsmanship. But I have to say that both Luke & Danika's sweet and sincere thoughtfulness has done wonders for my craft giving attitude. Every time I see them in their hats I can't help but smile...and don't worry Greg, your Duck hat will be there on your birthday!

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  1. The chickens are my favorite....very cute! :) I wish I would just bite the bullet and learn to crochet or knit.