Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boys with Hooks

Priceless watching their little hands with the crochet hooks!

One morning, Greg asked to learn how to crochet. And so Hot Rod sat down to show him. I jumped in to help a bit. But by the time we left for school, Greg very happily held up his "crocheted" snake. And I heard Hot Rod whisper to him as we walked out the door, "hey, you learned how to crochet before your sister did!"

Hot Rod teaching his friend to crochet

Oh these boys. They can drive me a bit batty in the morning before our walk to school, chasing their sisters and scaring their younger siblings. But just as equally they make me laugh and smile and think "someday, some lucky girls will find these two creative boys and be very happy for their zaniness." And since we've obviously got the crocheting down, we just need to teach them to cook and do their laundry too!

Is this too, too precious?


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