Friday, November 26, 2010

First sledding of the Season

Yowza!  Papa & his girls

We were so happy to have my sister and her family visit us during Thanksgiving this year. And THEY were so happy to get to experience "living" in snow for a few days. (Not much white stuff in the OC). We have mutual friends that live in Bend who invited us over for an afternoon of sledding in their neighborhood.

The take-off crew

Not everyone took a turn on the sleds...ahem....

The non-sledder

...but those that did were crazy and had a most excellent time...

Looking good
Pure Screams!
So fun!
The Crash

...especially the biggest kid of all!
The biggest kid of them all
Very intense

I think it was safe to assume that the snow report brought back to the OC was a good one!

Snowy smiles

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