Thursday, November 18, 2010

Granny Mandala

My first granny madala

I had been admiring these beautiful granny mandalas over at Ravelry and across the crochet blogosphere for some time. Alice, at Crochet with Raymond has a free pattern for them (along with several other beautiful free crochet patterns - go check it out!). Since I have been crocheting this past year and a half, granny crocheting (squares, necklaces, circles, heart, trees, etc.) has been a bit of an obsession of mine. So when I saw these beautiful mandalas cropping up, I had to make one for myself.

Close-up of granny mandala

So of course, I started with a rainbow colored mandala, (with plans for several more). I used some Lion Brand cotton I had on hand since I am going to be keeping it on our table as sort of a large doily type decoration. Alice's pattern was very easy to follow. And before I knew it....a new rainbow was gracing our home.

Granny snoozing in the afternoon sun

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