Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Christmas Card Swap

2011 Christmas Cards for swap #8

Kids Craft Weekly hosted another Christmas Card Swap and we were happy to participate for our second year.

Peelu's Paint Mix

My kids love to paint, especially Peelu. So I knew we wanted to paint our cards again this year. But I had seen these cute snowmen by Julee Herrmann, made out of felted sweaters and I knew we had to incorporate them somehow into our cards.

2011 Christmas Cards for swap #7

I have been on a felted sweater kick anyway, and we had been cutting quite a few of them apart to make some Christmas decorations for our Youth & Family Group at church to sell. So, into the felted sweater box cut out some snowpeople.

Our snowmen cut out of recycled wool sweaters

But first we painted a bunch of cardstock that we had folded in half.

Of course Peelu was happy to paintStarting their cards for christmas card swap
Christmas cards first step - paint #3Christmas cards first step - paint #3

And after cutting out our snowmen (although sinced we mostly had dark sweaters, some of the snowmen look like penguins - but that works too!) we used yarn scraps for scarves and glued googly eyes and buttons on them.

Peelu tying a snowman scarf
Working on snowman cards #5
Working on snowman cards #2
Working on snowman cards #7

Then we glued the back of the snowmen to the cards.

Working on snowman cards #3

It was that easy!

2011 Christmas Cards for swap #6
2011 Christmas Cards for swap #2

And they turned out pretty cute (if we do say so ourselves!)

2011 Christmas Cards for swap #3

We stamped the inside of the cards with some Christmas sentiments and signed our names.

Our little gifts for our swap buddies

Then we included our little bag of crafty goodies for each of our swap buddies and off the cards went.....Merry Christmas!


  1. beautiful! what kind of paints did you use/or did you add shimmer?

  2. Thank you! All of the paint we used was just regular, inexpensive craft acrylic. But some of them were a metallic type of color.

  3. you can also add a touch of extra fine glitter to most any paints and get the same effect

  4. Aw, These are Super Cute!! You and the kids did an Excellent job! You said 'felted sweaters', what is a felted sweater as opposed to a knit sweater? I will have to go thrift store shopping to find any sweaters so want to get the correct thing. To me felting is what is done with wool roving and the needle tool that you repeatedly poke into the roving to sort of mend them together. But maybe you are talking about something different? Thanks, Buffy

    1. I think its meant to be a wool sweater that has been "accidently" put into the dryer and is shrunken. Now the fibers are extra tight.