Monday, December 27, 2010

Bird Feeder Presents

All the grapefruit rounds are filled

The perfect gift for Grandma & Grandpas!

Pinecone bird feeder gift for G & G

Or for friends whose homes you are visiting during the holidays. We started with some piecones we had on hand and our leftover grapefruit rounds (from Christmas morning breakfast).

Preparing to make bird feeders

First we made holes in the grapefruit rounds and tied a little hanger on them with twine. And we aso tied twine around the top pf the piecones.

Tying the twine onto the grapefruits
Tying the twine onto the pinecones

We had some leftover suet that we combined with birdseed for the grapefruits.
And we used peanut butter to cover the piecones, and then rolled them in birdseed too.
Bird feeders filled with seed and suet

We also decorated one of the grapefruits with some grapes we had that were rotting. Then we put them in the freezer so they would firm up,making them easier to give as gifts (as they weren't so sticky) and to keep around until we needed them.

Bird Feeder Gifts for G & G

These came in so handy as gifts for those friends and family members who don't want or need presents and for those friends that drop by during the holidays, and you'd like to send them off with something but you already ran out of your baked good gifts! Fun and EASY to make and the birds have been going (literally) crazy over them in the yard!

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  1. great creative idea for peanut butter bird feeder....from one crazed maniac to another...Namaste