Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craft Kits as Birthday Presents

Gratitude Wreath 1

I mentioned previously that it was the birthday of one of our favorite crafty friends recently. Danika (or Dank-eh-luh as Peelu calls her) is always ready to try a new crafty or artsy activity with us. So for her birthday, Lil' Mermaid thought we should make some craft kits of some of our favorite activities, for her to be able to have at home.

Recently we had made some "Spread the Love" guerrilla art tokens. Both girls seemed to really like the idea and I still had most of the supplies. So we bought her a pack of Sharpies (because EVERY crafty girl needs a colorful array of Sharpies!!) and put together the rest: blank wooden shapes, plain clothespins, popsicle sticks, plain wooden bookmarks, all in a gallon plastic bag. And here you have a simple and easy craft-it-yourself present:
Our "Guerrilla Art" kit for Danika

Danika has also been in on a few of our fledgling zine creating days. So we put together a zine-making kit too. It included: blank white paper (heavier than normal copy paper), some clip art we printed out, a good black fine tip pen, glue sticks, some cardstock for covers, a one-page template, some words I printed off in various funky fonts, and some awesome instructions we found here by Sugar Cookie. I probably could have included a stapler and a few other items. But it looked pretty cool in the gallon size bag we packed it all in...
Our "Zine Making" kit for Danika

The last kit we made for Danika, I forgot to take a picture of....but it was a Make-your-own Gratitude Wreath. Similar to the one we made in the top photo. She has always admired the one we have hanging at home and has asked to contribute a word or two to ours. So I knew she would love one of her own. We put a small 8 inch wire wreath, a pack of plain clothespins, a black Sharpie marker, a wooden heart, and a few acrylic paints into a gallon bag and there you have it. Check out this post to see our bigger version.

These kits were very simple and easy to put together. I just had to stop my own kids from trying to use all the supplies as we were packing them.

Now....go make craft kits and give the gift of DIY crafty style!

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