Monday, December 13, 2010

Fabric Ornaments

Bright cheerful fabric ornaments

More colorful ornaments for our church's Chrismtas Bazaar. We helped the kids from the Youth & Family Group make some of these candy canes and balls to sell.

Beautifully bright fabric ornaments

The balls are made from styrofoam balls with scraps of fabric mod podged all over them. When dry, we made a hanging loop out of twine and attached it to the ball with a small headed pin pushed through the ornament.

Fabric Ball

Just be sure to keep the scraps small so they are easier to stick on the balls.

Fabric Ball 2

Great use of fabric scraps!


For the candy canes we used this tutorial from Family Fun. These were harder than we thought.

Candy Cane fabric Ornaments 2

We learned that older kids or adults needed to help TIGHTLY wrap the fabric and that the glue needed to be spread ALL over the fabric. And 100% cotton fabrics worked best. We had a few fabrics that were metallic and must have had some mixed fibers and they did not work so well.

Candy Cane fabric Ornaments 3

But all in all, the ornaments all turned out cute and we would make them again.

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