Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Felted Hanging Treasures

What I've been up to today

You know about my current fascination with felting. It started with wet felting and has progressed to needle felting. In fact, adding some interesting needle felted fibers to my wet felted wool balls has been on my mind a lot lately.

Yummy, yummy felted fibers

I had to make a super special ornament for an Ornament Swap, hosted by Becky at Strumpets Crumpets. And I have been drooling over these and these and these at Kleas (one of my MOST favorite blogs).

Newly felted balls and dread locks for some

So the kids helped me wet and needle felt some wool balls and wool "dreadlocks" that I could cut into felted beads. Then I pulled out a delicious bag of exotic, brightly colored fibers that I've had sitting in my stash.

My felted beads cut and ready for stringing

I needle felted my first word onto one of the balls, to give to my swap partner. It was easier than I thought. Just took a little patience and a few drops of blood (luckily none of it got on the wool!)


Then, using fishing line and adding some glass beads, I strung together two ornaments with the felted balls and felted beads.

Back of the felted ball ornament

They turned out even better than I expected. The colors of the wool and the beads was just beautiful together.

Another felted ball ornament
Ornament photo shoot in the snow

I knew they were going to good homes, but I still felt a little sad when I carefully packaged them up. Good thing, I've still got a stash of felted goodies left. I think it's apparent I will be making more.

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