Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Teacher Gifts

What the teachers got this year

Handmade and yummy, doncha know? Super duper easy "Turtle Candies", Grandpa W.'s Peanut Brittle, and my festive green & red biscotti. Grandpa was the only one ahead of the game. Crazily enough, we made the biscotti and the turtles the MORNING we had to give them to the teachers.

EASIEST Candy treat

These turtles are my new super easy candy/gift, idea/recipe courtesy of my Sis in the OC. I am not a good candy maker (however I am a CHAMP candy-eater!) but these are so darn easy that the kids made most of them. Take a butter pretzel (kinda grid design - square or round) put a rolo candy on it. Pop it into a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes and when you take them out, immediately press a pecan half into the melted rolo. That's it! I swear! Let them cool before packaging, obviously.

YUM! Christmas-y Biscotti

And I can't remember where I got my biscotti recipe, it was a pretty standard dried cranberry and pistachio recipe. I didn't have any white chocolate on hand but I did melt some chocolate chips for dipping. These were a big hit too. A little more prep with the pistachios - I had to enlist some help with the shelling, the night before.

The Teacher Gift Goodie Assemby Line

But trust me - it was worth it. Dipped in morning coffee - they were yum-o! I had to check first before we gave them to the teachers, ya' know?

Besides the candies, we had made some star ornaments for the teachers too.

Star ornament the kids made for teacher gifts

And Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid's teacher got this really cute angel necklace that Hot Rod made,too.

THE cutest & EASIEST gift this Christmas

Isn't she sweet? We found the idea here.

This year we didn't make bags ourselves. But I did have the kids color holiday designs on some white paper gift bags that I already had on hand. I didn't get a picture, darn it! They looked cut. I promise.

But we can't forget Peelu and her first year of having teachers to give presents to...
Sweet Pea with presents for her teachers

I did use some leftover bags I had made last year, in which we packaged the goodies and a card from Peelu. They also got wire star ornaments and on the outside we also attached a crocheted ornament. One teacher got a star and the other got a little bee (because her husband is Ross' beekeeping buddy).

All in all the teacher gifts went off smoothly this year and we hope that our wonderful teachers (and other school staff) know how much we appreciate their hard work. We hope they went home and were able to share their goodies with their families during the winter break.

Or maybe they didn't share.

That's okay too. :-)

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