Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Hat Season

LOVE my new hat

MORE hats!

A bit obsessed with hats these days


I am not sure. Except that they are addicting once I start making them. And it's hat season, of course.

One of my new faves!

I call this one my "Beehive" hat. It's one of my new favorites.

Cool ridges and ribs

It's really called the Ribs and Ridges Hat and you can get the free pattern here, with some pattern corrections that I made here. It was really fun to make. I had this ball of mustard-y colored Vanna's Choice that I was dying to make something out of....but I wasn't sure about the color with my own coloring. However, I have to say that I am very happy with it and I get lots of compliments on the design and the color. Yay!

Wasn't sure about the yellow

This next hat is really easy. It's called the Charisma Hat and you can also get the free pattern here. And by the way, check out her other free patterns - the Surface Braid Hat will be one of my next hats for sure!

The Charisma Hat

This was my first time using this Charisma (yes, that's the name of the yarn too) from Michael's. It is so soft and I love the bulky weight and texture.

A bulky new hat

This colorway was so pretty and cheery. I like the striping effect.

Sorry, the sun was a bit bright this day

This was very fast to work up and will probably become one of my easy gift hats. And I will be using more Charisma yarn again too.

And maybe, just maybe I will make a hat for somebody other than myself soon.

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