Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Operation Shoebox

Her first time packing a shoebox

I was in charge of some activities for our church's small Youth & Family group this holiday season. One activity we encouraged the families to do was Operation Christmas Child. I had done this a few years ago with a group of girlfriends. But I figured the kids were old enough to appreciate the spirit of this activity and to actually pack the boxes with their own hands. So we hit a few inexpensive stores, but we also raided our craft supplies and that large box of random presents, games, and small items that we seem to always accumulate.

More goodies for the shoeboxes
A pile of goodies for the shoeboxes

Hot Rod packed like a champion:

Working on his shoebox
Hot Rod firmly packing his shoebox

Lil' Mermaid packed slowwwwwly:

Lil' Mermaid working on her shoebox

And Peelu packed like the maniac she is - with enthusiasm:

Peelu packing and packing her shoebox
Peelu's Shoebox

The kids had a great time picking out their shoebox items as well as packing them up themselves. (Okay, Peelu had a little help in that department!) Our youth group had watched the videos on the web site and while we were packing, as a family, we talked more about what it might feel like to be some of the kids that will receive our boxes. I was very humbled by what my children said and how empathetic they were. I hope someday, as a family, we can take a mission type trip and see first hand how even a little can help those who have so much less than we do.

And as you can see, some other families from church participated as well. It was a simple family activity that had so many teachable moments in it.

All the shoeboxes from church

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