Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas Sledding

Perfect sledding day by the Ochocos

What a wonderful invitation we had the day after Christmas - to head up to our friends' cabin for a day of sledding,soup, card games and conversation.

Pinky the Daredevil
Fun, fun, fun
The lonely snow orphan

The sledding got wilder and wilder, with the kids sledding even when snow-encrusted and obviusly exhausted.

Laid back and out of control
Yes, even encrusted in ice he still sleds!

Snow angels were created...

She's not flailing madly in the snow

..hmmmm..or maybe she just can't get up. So much for puffy coats.

I think she's fallen and can't get up

Our friends must have felt sorry for Peelu because they built her a real- honest-to-goodness snow shelter. And since they are true winter survivalists, we got a lesson in how to do it right.

Inside a REAL snow cave

We had a fabulous time with our very generous friends. I think Lil' Mermaid's face says it all.

My Snowy Maniac Daughter #2

We are blessed.

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