Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TUTORIAL: Collaged Ornaments

Our collage ornaments #12

Beautifully simple ornaments that even little fingers can make. I was inspired by this photo.

Our collage ornaments #4

Heavy card stock or recycled cardboard cereal boxes
Paint brushes
Scrap fabric
Scrap patterned paper
Scrap wrapping paper
Mod Podge
Sequins, small objects, buttons, beads, small bells
Hole Punch

First we cut out shapes from our recycled card board. We used an old yellow poster board and some cereal boxes.

Shape Templates for collaged oranments

Then we got out the Mod Podge, brushes and "glued" on our fabric and paper scraps. You can use whatever you have on hand. We had fabric and paper left over from our church bazaar crafts. Then we added some tissue paper bits and wrapping paper scraps. We also painted the Mod Podge over all of the scraps. Do this on both sides of the ornament.

Tissue paper, wrapping, paper, scrapbook paperFabric left over from our church crafts
Collaged HeartHearts, stars, ornaments, bells
Fabric & paper collaged shapes

When both sides are dry, hole punch the top of the design. Then, using regular Elmer's glue (depending on how heavy your doo-dads are going to be....) or whichever basic white glue you prefer, glue on your bits and baubles, doo-dads or what-nots. We used sequins, beads, buttons, and small bells. Do this on both sides.

Putting shiny goodies on...Gluing sequins
Working on the star collage ornamentFinishing our collage ornaments
Ball shaped collage ornament

Then take a piece of wire...oh about...6 inches long, and turn up the bottom so nothing will fall off, and start beading the wire. Leave enough space at the top to turn up the other end (so the beads don't fall off that way either) and to form a hook shape for hanging.

Our collage ornaments #7
Our collage ornaments #1
Our collage ornaments #6
Our collage ornaments #3

That's it. Simple, easy and can be used for really an type of holiday theme as an ornament or as a gift tag or as collage art.

Our collage ornaments #9

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