Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tutorial: Easy Wire Star Ornaments

Shiny stars and felt balls

This really isn't a new tutorial, because I didn't comeup with the idea - Family Fun did - we just added to it.

18 gauge wire
22 gauge wire (or smaller)
needle nose pliers
small glass beads
star shaped cookie cutter

First, with the heavier 18 gauge wire, make a hanging loop for the top of yor ornament.
DIY star ornament #1

Then, holding the loop at the top of the cookie cutter, shape the wire around the star, twice.
DIY star ornament #2

Cut the wire with your pliers and wrap the last bit around the stem of the hanging loop.
DIY star ornament #3

Then, I pulled a few lengths of the smaller gauge wire and had Peelu start stringing it with glass beads.
DIY star ornament #5
DIY star ornament #6
DIY star ornament #8

We did not string the entire length, just a nice amount of beads.
DIY star ornament #9

Then I attached the thinner wire to the star by wrapping it tightly a few times. I tightly wrapped the thinner wire around the star many, many times. As I wrapped, I slipped a few beads in here and there with my finger. The rest of the beads I just kept on the unwrapped wire portion until I needed a few and then I thumbed those into the wrap.

DIY star ornament #10

Be sure to keep the heavier wire shape together as you wrap and keep an even pressure on your thinner wire so that the wraps do not slide off. When finished, wrap the end tightly around the thick wire and make sure the sharp ends are tucked in. Just be sure that you don't squeeze the star base wire out of shape while you are wrapping. And there you have it.

DIY star ornament  ALL DONE

You can do some variations by just using wire to wrap (with no beads), using wire of different thicknesses to wrap or using different color wire or a different color thick wire for the star base.

The last batch of star ornaments
Rainbow stars

These really were easy to do. And they turned out beautiful and elegant at the same time. And I think this rainbow one is my favorite!

The Rainbow Star


  1. I am making these Sunday with my 5 year old granddaughter