Monday, December 6, 2010

We're going on a tree hunt..

Fun together

We were almost sure we wouldn't get to go out on our Christmas Tree Hunt this year. Ross' work schedule was crazy, but a spur of the moment Sunday afternoon opened up and some dear friends had their tree pass that they couldn't use - so it was meant to be!

Carrying Peelu in

It wasn't terribly far in....

Our maniacs

...the boys scouted for trees and the apprentice woodcutter took his job seriously...

Giving me instructions....

Tree cutting apprentice

...the girls played with bits of nature...

She found some tree moss

...and we found not one, but TWO trees.

The Woodcutter & Apprentice

Why two, you may ask? Because we offered to pick up another tree for another set of friends because their schedule was even crazier than ours and the above mentioned mutual friends actually had two tree passes that they could not use. We thought that was kismet and we could easily get two trees and drop theirs off on our way home.

Sweaty Boy

Boy, pulling out two trees was a bit heavier than we thought. If you look at the above picture, after Ross (with me helping!) pulled out both trees, you can probably guess what he is thinking about his generous tree cutting offer....

Aww, don't worry. He recovered and we happily dropped off the extra tree and thanked our other friends for the passes. Good things work out for a reason.

My Maniacs

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