Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bird Treat Garland

A garland bird feeder finished

The little kids wanted to get in on some bird treat making too! So we made some bird treat garlands one afternoon. I had pre-frozen some overripe grapes and mandarin sections that we had on hand. Then I tied twine around a large yarn needle and let them string away. Our popcorn didn't hold up so well, but that was okay.

The popcorn did not string quite as wellStringing some mandarin orange sections and grapes
Stringing the frozen grapesThey used one of my yarn needles
Lukey stringing away
"Oh the birdies will be happy"

Peelu had the most fun climbing the tree to hang them in the backyard. We also finally put out the grapefruit and pinecone treats we had made after Christmas. We had them stored in the freezer until we put them out.

Peelu hanging her string bird feeder
Some of our homemade bird feeders
Grapefruit bird feeder is up

The birds have been in bird heaven the past few days. And the kids have unearthed their bird charts as they've been watching the squabbling through the glass door.

My Tree Monkey

Oh what happiness a sunny day in Winter brings....

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