Monday, January 24, 2011

The Frida Kahlo Birthday Party Part 1 - The Invitation

Frida Kahlo Photo Shoot 1

Okay, first a disclaimer - I have wanted to do an artist party for the Maniacs for a few years now, but the Frida Kahlo birthday party idea was wholly inspired by Erika,at Mikodesign and the FABULOUS, I mean BEAUTIFULLY, designed and executed Frida party she gave her daughter. And then, I saw that Lisa was also inspired by Erika's party and gave HER daughter a Frida party and so I had her lovely party ideas to inspire me as well. Phew! Good thing there are such lovely people on the internet to give me great ideas!

Frida Kahlo photo shoot 11

Hot Rod dressed up like a Mad Artist for his invitation photo, so it was only fair that Lil' Mermaid dress like Frida. She wore a pretty Mexican embroidered dress, I did her hair a la Frida, we used her sister's fairy crown for a Frida-like flowered head band, et voila! We created our own mini Frida.

Frida Kahlo photo shoot 12Frida Kahlo photo shoot 10Frida Kahlo photo shoot 9
Frida Kahlo photo shoot 5Frida Kahlo photo shoot 4Frida Kahlo photo shoot 3

Doesn't she look lovely?

Frida Kahlo photo shoot 1

Even when she's yelling at her brother (who is obviously not in the photo but WAS doing naughty things out of camera range). Hey, Frida was passionate and fiery, was she not?

Frida Kahlo photo shoot 13 -A fiery Frida

We printed out the photos on white cardstock, with party details on the back. Lil' Mermaid colored a border design similar to mimic Frida's retablo portrait style. Off the invitations went, and happily all of her friends were able to come to the party.

The Frida Kahlo birthday party invitation

So there, my idea is not so original but hopefully it was equally as special to Lil' Mermaid. I say, "more Frida parties for little girls!!"


  1. I love this theme and you and your daughter did a wonderful job with it.
    I imagine all her guests had a great time!
    cheers suki

  2. Gorgeous Pics!! She looks so cool I love anything Frida Kahlo :) Glad to find your blog :)

  3. ¡La verdadera Frida amaría a esta preciosa nena!

  4. mi nena tiene 3, a puntode cumplir sus 4 años... amamos a frida , y estoy buscando ideas para gestar su fiesta
    nada de sirenitas nihadas.. una mujer entera y real es lo que mas me gusta inculcarle ami hija