Monday, January 24, 2011

The Frida Kahlo Party Part 2 - The Party Favor Bags

There are a lot of little Fridas running around...

Since we started the party favor bag idea with S's Mad Artist party bags, I figured we would do the same with Frida. I found a popular street graffiti stencil on-line that had a nice image of Frida. I cleaned it up a bit and got busy with the stenciling. Remember this weekend?

First Frida bag stenciled

What on earth was I thinking? I stenciled 10 bags - actually 11 if you count the birthday girl's bag. I don't know how to screen print (yet!) or really have any other printmaking abilities (except stamp carving). So I hand traced and hand cut all the stencils. Once or twice I was able to very carefully remove a used stencil and re-iron it on another bag. Needless to say, the exacto knife and I were quite cozy for a week.

Cutting the first Frida stencil of MANY

I know, it was insane. But it was a once I started sort of thing - I couldn't stop. It was addicting.

Peelu surveying the mess of Frida bags

And I have to admit that the rainbow colored Fridas were very pretty to look at...once my hand stopped aching!

A rainbow of Frida

And here are some of the items that went into the bag (besides their artwork) a wooden maraca they could paint at home, the Frida Zine, an enamel rose ring and a crocheted rose hair clip.

Red, orange, pink and blue
A rainbow of roses - Frida party favors
The Frida Kahlo party favor bags

Oh and the birthday girl got a slightly bigger bag and she picked out the color and told me that she wanted Frida to have red voila. Her own personalized Frida Kahlo chica bag. At a later date she wants to add VIVA LA VIDA to the back.

R's "special" Frida bag

I am not even sure if all the girls will use the bags much, but just the thought of 10 young girls running around Central Oregon with cool Frida Kahlo bags was enough to make me giggle and persevere through the crazy amount of tracing, cutting, ironing and painting.