Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Frida Kahlo Party Part 4b - The Art Activities

Crocheted roses - party favors for Frida party

Okay, a continuation of the Frida Kahlo Party art activities....are you still with me?

Rose rings - more party favors for Frida party

We had some magazine pages ripped out and some other catalogs spread around for the girls to use for a self-expression collage when they were done painting. I told them they could be like Frida and use other imags to make a collage about themselves or things they love. Scissors and glue sticks started working away.

Collage Frida art activity
Cutting away for Frida collage
Working on the next Frida art activity
Birthday girl's collage

One of the pre-party crafts I made were some oven bake clay pendants. I knew I wanted the girls to make a bright and bold necklace a la Frida. But I couldn't find a pendant or an inexpensive charm that I liked. So I made my own for the girls.

Necklace charms for Frida party
Some of my handmade charms

Very easy to do. Flatten a ball of clay and push something with a nice textured image into the clay - voila - a simple pendant design. I used stamps and buttons that I already had on hand. And I tried, for my first time, to make a few rolled clay roses as well.

Some clay roses

Anyway, after I got all the girls finished painting and collaging we brought out the colored ball chain necklaces, bright, chunky beads and pendants that I had made.

Beads and ball chain necklaces for Frida party

They were appreciatively oohhhhed and ahhhhed at by the girls. And then it was free for all as they dived in and started stringing their chunky Mexican, Frida-inspired necklaces.

More necklace stringing
Creating beautiful necklaces a la Frida
Making their own Frida necklaces
Stringing up some necklaces

My only downfall was that I made very small wire hooks that I pushed in before I baked the pendant and most of them ended up pulling out of the clay when the girls put the necklaces on....so I had some quick gluing to do to fix them while we ate. But overall the necklaces looked beautifully colorful, just like the girls themselves.

The Birthday girl with her Frida necklace

And I got my own awesome necklace made by the birthday girl herself, but modeled by her brother:

The necklace that R made for me.


  1. what neat ideas. I saw the rings and said ohh I haveto comment this and then kept scrolling and saw the pendants and little frida and everything looks so perfect.. Great blog..

  2. I love this party idea! I'm wondering what material did you use for the beads? Also wondering if you can share your source for ball chain? Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! I got the ball chain here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SunAndMoonCraftKits?ref=l2-shopheader-name and I think I got the wooden beads here: http://www.orientaltrading.com/lb-of-painted-wood-beads-a2-57_8-12-1.fltr?Ntt=wood%20beads