Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fuzzy Rainbow Hat

Fuzzy Rainbow Hat #1

Fuzzy yarn never looks good in photos. But this hat is loved by R.

Fuzzy Rainbow Hat #4

And I am not exactly sure why. It's not one of my favorites that I have made.

Fuzzy Rainbow Hat #3

Although the pattern itself is very easy. I think it's because I used Lion Brand's Homespun yarn. I am such a sucker for this yarn because it looks so pretty and fun. But it's so hard for me to work with and then the finished product never looks like I want it to...but the colors are great and it is very soft.

Fuzzy Rainbow Hat #2

And my maniac wears this hat ALL the time now. So I guess it has become one of her favorites. That makes me happy.

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  1. Love the hat!! I made a hat from a free pattern a while back that looked a lot like this one. Unfortunately, I lost the pattern and can't find it. I was wondering if you used an online pattern for this and, if so, if you remember the name and/or location? Thank you so much!