Friday, January 21, 2011

The Mad Artist Party Part 2 - The Party Favor Bags

All of the party favor bags

I have been itching to freezer paper stencil some canvas bags and boy did I get my chance with both birthday parties. I always have trouble at our family birthday parties, because it is MUCH easier for me to give than to receive. So Hot Rod and I discussed what k ind of party favors to give for his friends to take home. We had decided on the canvas bags, but then couldn't come up with the design....because of course, he wanted me to copy a Picasso or a Van Gogh or come up with a Campbell's Soup Can screen print. "Do I look like I'm a famous artist?" I asked him. Bless his heart, he said "you're the best artist I know." Geesh!

S working on some of the stenciled bags

Man, I had to come up with something good after that. So together we decided to make some Picasso-esque faces for each boy (inspired from some lesson plans from two of my favorite art teacher blogs here and here).

Stenciling the bags for the Mad Artist Party

I drew each face and then hand cut the freezer paper stencil. But I am not very good with negative and positive space in relation to cutting the stencil, so some of the designs I think I made harder on myself then they needed to be. But after I stenciled them, I went back and painted some more designs on some parts.

Mad Artist Party Mad-Lib
Cutting the second stencil for the Picasso bags
First Picasso face stencils ironed on...

We came up with a Picasso likeness for each boy with Hot Rod picking out the colors that he thought the boy would like. We also tried to match some hair or distinguishing features with each boys likeness.

The G-Man's personalized party favor bag
C-Dude's personalized party favor bag
D-Man's personalized party favor bag
Big A's personalized party favor bag

I really didn't know how they were going to turn out and they took me a ridiculous amount of time....but.....they turned out awesomely beyond my imagination! We loved them. Even Ross was impressed and Hot Rod uses his bag ALL the time. Hopefully the boys enjoyed them as well. We explained to them the significance of each bag and how we had matched their personalities with their Picasso portrait.

S's own Picasso bag

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  1. That is super-creative! Those bags are going to be loved so much.