Friday, January 7, 2011

More Sweet Handcrafted Ornaments

I love the crazy variegated look of these trees

Crocheting was on my mind this holiday season....and I had a HUGE list of cool patterns to choose from. Unfortunately I only got around to a few, but they were fun and easy to fit on among the holiday craziness.

Some sparkly granny square necklaces for swap buddies:
Pretty mini granny necklace
Snowy & Sparkly granny square necklace
Using Vanna's Glamour yarn and my own pattern.

An old-fashioned sparkly ornament:
Old Fashioned crochet ornament
Used Vanna's Glamour yarn and the pattern is from Lion Brand.

Some mistletoe:
Mistletoe Ornament
A sweet little holiday gift for a recently engaged couple. Very easy pattern from here, using cotton yarn and I even starched it a little to help it stay flat. It turned out even cuter than I thought it would.

And a little peaceful dove for Peelu:
Peace Dove ornament
She's been carting "her little birdie" around since Christmas. Vanna's Glamour again and another Lion Brand pattern.

And my FAVORITES were these sweet, little crocheted trees.
The Fuzzy Crocheted Trees

First I saw these cute little tree ornaments with lovely variegated yarn. I thought they were so cool and texturally interesting. I liked the simplicity. I probably could have come up with the pattern on my own. But I actually followed this one from Kala Hotakainen (a free Ravelry download). And I did make 3 tree ornaments with closed bottoms, but I didn't get a photo of them before they were gifted. I use a hige variety of yarn - sock yarn to worsted weight to chunky, novelty to sparkly to plain old green. They were so much fun to make. Very addicting.

Super easy and cute trees

Super cute, aren't they?

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