Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Pom-Pom Peelu Hat

Peelu Being Peelu #13

Warning: This is a photo heavy post. Oh, who am I kidding. All of my posts are photo heavy. But this post has some ridiculously cute photos that I just could not choose there you have it.

Peelu Being Peelu #12

When I received the Nov/Dec Crochet Today issue, I glanced through it, but nothing immediately caught my eye. But one evening I felt like making a new hat. And I perused my embarrassingly huge pile of patterns I have culled from Ravelry and my stash of crochet magazines.

Peelu's new hat

I looked at the latest Crochet Today magazine again and decided I would try the Snowball Cap by Linda Permann because the construction design of the hat looked interesting (and I LOVE Linda Permann's designs and she's a neat chick, too).

Peelu Being Peelu #11

So the design starts out as a square in the round. And then you sew the sides together and add the bottom part of the hat in the round. I'm not sure that made sense - you really need to get the pattern.

Top view of the hat

That all worked out pretty well, and then I was to the pom-pom making part. This was my first attempt at making pom-poms. So I used some cardboard, cut to the estimated size I wanted the pom-poms to be and I started winding purple and white yarn. These are Big Mama pom-poms! I did learn that I need to squeeze my pom-poms a bit tighter and maybe take some lessons on hair trimming. But, overall I think they turned out pretty okay. I sewed them to the hat and Peelu's Pom-Pom Hat Spectacular was born.

Peelu Being Peelu #8

This hat gets us stopped in the stores, all the time, by people asking us where we got it or commenting on how cute it is. When we walk the 1/2 mile to school and Peelu is be-bopping along with her pom-poms bouncing, people have stopped their cars in the street to tell us her hat is making them laugh hysterically.

Peelu Being Peelu #4
Peelu Being Peelu #5

We notice people driving by or walking on the other side of the street who point at Peelu and then cover their mouths. And the people that have had the chance to actually get to know Peelu in person, have commented that the hat is "so perfectly" Peelu.

Peelu Being Peelu #3
Peelu Being Peelu #1
Peelu Being Peelu #2

I'd say this pattern is a winner. And Lil' Mermaid already wants me to make her a bigger one. And she's pretty cute. But I don't think she'll get quite the comments that Peelu gets.

Peelu Being Peelu #6

this hat IS
Perfectly Peelu.

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