Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Frida Post-party things

Her own Frida parrot that I made for her

Our party day was so hectic that after it was over with, I dragged my poor tired Fridita out to take even more pics. I am a pathetic Mama!

Posing for her Frida retablo-like portrait:
Frida post-party 1
Frida post-party 2

And here is the birthday girl modeling one of her presents from us, some super cool Frida necklaces I made just for her:
Some new necklace charms I made for the Frida afficiando

I know I am so behind on domino tile and scrabble tile necklaces, but we just started making them and we are addicted!! I am sure you will be seeing many more gracing these blog pages. Frida collage sheets from here and necklace supplies from here.

R made Grandma W.'s flowers into another crown, so of course we had to take more pics!

Outside post-party pics

A tired mini-Frida

Boy, she looks tired, doesn't she? The week long fiesta has finally caught up with her. Buenos Noches, mi hija!

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  1. I love your blog! I am so excited to follow along on all your fun!