Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sponge City

Sponge Painting Galore

As I was researching artist party ideas for the Big Kids' art birthday parties (more on this later), I ran across a FABULOUS series of art books for kids. I mean, FABULOUS! I love this Art Explorers series by Joyce Raimondo.

Getting ideas from one of my...

Joyce Raimondo gives a brief bio on the artist and then several art projects to try in the style of that artist. I want to try each and everyone of these art projects. The books are very well laid out and have an easy to read and understand style. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Sponge Painting Tools

But, let's get to the point here! Peelu and Lukey got to try one of the activities in the Book, a la Pissarro. I cut some Dollar Store sponges into "architectural shapes", (really just squares, rectangles and triangles), let the kids pick the colors they wanted to use....and away they went with their sponge painted city skyline.

Making lollipop trees for her city
Lukey going for a blue building
They create so well together
Pretty Sponges
Sponge Painting Happiness
He made a city skyline

They had such a great time. And pretty much, every day they ask me to "paint with the sponges again". I LOVE happy hands!

Happy Hands 2

And I LOVE pretty palettes too!
Sponge Painting Palette

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