Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Stenciling

It's madness around the house as we prepare for the two upcoming artist birthday parties!

Cutting the first of MANY Frida Kahlo stencils:
Cutting the first Frida stencil of MANY

She's all cut:
First Frida stencil all cut out

First Frida stenciled:
First Frida bag stenciled

Kinda creepy Frida stencil...tried to re-use a freezer paper stencil..not as easy as it sounds:
Kinda creepy Frida stencil in progress

First Picasso-esque stencil hand drawn on freezer paper:
First Picasso-esque stencil design

Trying to figure out how in the heck I should cut the Picasso stencils:
Cutting the second stencil for the Picasso bags

First Picasso faces ironed on:
First Picasso face stencils ironed on...

Enlisting painting help for the Picassos:
S working on some of the stenciled bags

Not too shabby so far...but we'll see when the paper comes off:
Stenciling the bags for the Mad Artist Party

And now for a totally random stencil....Hey, we had a birthday party to go to, the kid likes stencil stuff was out....
The freshly cut Scooby stencil

And yessss, Scooby turned out pretty cute. Along with a little art/craft kit, he made a fab birthday present:
Stenciled Scooby & Craft Kit

Phew! How many stencils have you cut this weekend?


  1. Awesome project! You could probably use them to decorate cakes, too. Thanks for sharing this fun idea. Glad you stopped by my blog today. Hope to see you again soon ;-)

  2. The Frida Kahlo cutout is so very cool! I've done the freezer stencils but nothing near as creative as you did. I found reusing was possible, just not over and over again.