Monday, February 28, 2011

Clothespin Dolls Galore! - Idea Fair Craft 2011

Clothespin Dolls 27

We had so much fun with all the craft classes that our 4-H club taught at Idea Fair this year. But the class that really got ALL the kids laughing and having fun (including the Junior Leader "helpers" from our club) was the clothespin doll class.

Clothespin Dolls 21

When I was looking for some easy to-do craft projects (remember, each class is only 50 minutes long), clothespin dolls were the first thing to pop into my mind. AND the bonus, was that it would use up some more of my crafty leftover bits that I can never part with....

Clothespin Dolls 12

Here's what we brought to make the dolls:

A pile of clothespins (we had small ones and flat ones and round ones, my kids and I "dyed" some of them with watered down acrylic to make an ethnic variety)

The diverse ethnic groups represented by our clothespin dolls

Piles of fabric scraps (we had cottons, plaids, fleece, sparkly costume fabric, pleather, faux suede, felt, netting, burlap, etc)

A pile 'o fabric

Then we had the accessories & hair stuff (all different types of yarns, fake flowers, sequins, buttons, ribbon, twine, etc.)

Clothespin Doll Supplies 1

We also had fabric scissors, glue guns (used only by the Jr. Leaders when helping the other kids), tacky glue, fine tip Sharpie markers and pre-cut pipe cleaners (of all different skin colors). Ahead of time, Ross drilled holes in all the clothespins for the pipe-cleaner arms to be inserted. I also pre-cut the pipe cleaners so the kids could just insert them when making their dolls.

Clothespin Dolls 5

Most of the fabric and yarn was already cut into small scraps or wound into small balls. We did pre-cut some fabric circle and cut slits for heads so that some of the fabric could easily be slipped over the dolls for quick dresses, skirts of shirts.

Clothespin Dolls 3

Our Junior Leaders and parent helpers probably didn't know what they were in for to start...but very quickly one table was made the "hair & make-up stylist table" (it included the yarn and Sharpie markers, one table was the "accessories table" (with flowers, sequins, buttons etc.) and the main table was humming with scissors and glue guns and repeated clothing fittings.

Big fingers helping little fingers
Clothespin Dolls 1
Clothespin Dolls 24
Clothespin Dolls 9

But pretty much the kids just went crazy with their own styles and made some amazing, funny, cute, beautiful, eye-rolling, eye-catching clothespin dolls.

Clothespin Dolls 22Clothespin Dolls 20Clothespin Dolls 17
Clothespin Dolls 19Clothespin Dolls 16Clothespin Dolls 14 -Swanky thing
Clothespin Dolls 13 - Albus DumbledoreClothespin Dolls 10Clothespin Dolls 11 - R's muy bonita senorita

And we had more than enough clothespins and stuff left over, so every kid went back to make another doll or even full families.

Clothespin Dolls 23
Clothespin Dolls 25 PARTY Animals!
Clothespin Dolls 26 - More party animals!

Can you believe they made all of these in such a short time? I'd say it was crafting magic.

Clothespin Dolls 7

And a LOT of fun.

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  1. Thank you for suggesting dyeing the clothespins ahead of time!! We're doing a similar craft for a religious education lesson and I was searching for ways to make the craft inclusive.