Friday, February 25, 2011

Found Object Necklace - Idea Fair Craft 2011

Found Object Necklaces 6

The 4-H Idea Fair rolled around again this year and as crazy as we are, we decided to teach two craft classes for the youngest 4-Hers (along with 3 other dog/leader classes). You would think that we were actually leading a craft club rather than a dog 4-H club, huh? What can we say. We are eclectic individuals. And luckily we have super awesome Junior Leader members who are willing to help us with anything! We really used them THIS year.

Found Object Necklaces 3

The first craft class we taught had two different crafts: a found object necklace and a burlap bookmark. Here are the details on the Found Object Necklace, which was inspired by this post at Preschool Daze.

Setting up for Found Object Necklace craft 1

Basically the "found objects" were found on the floor of my craft room! :-) In fact, I think there are still piles of "found objects" on the floor of my craft room!

Setting up for Found Object Necklace craft 1

As you can see, we had a little bit of everything...buttons, dice, sequins, ribbon bits, burlap bits, feathers, paper clips, coins, mini domino tiles (my favorite!), beads.....

More Supplies for Found Object Necklaces

Ross had pre-drilled some wooden disks that we had on hand and we pre-strung them with necklace length, leftover yarn bits. We also used some birch wood coins that Ross had cut for us after our valentine wood coin necklace obsession.

Setting up for Found Object Necklace craft 1

Basically we spread around the found object bits and let the kids grab a necklace base and start creating. The older 4-H members had glue guns and helped the younger kids keep safe as they glued on their objects. We also had some quick-dry glue on hand (but it didn't dry so quick). I forgot my E6000 glue, which would have been the best choice all around.

The start of a sparkly necklaceFound Object Necklaces 1
Found Object Necklaces 2Found Object Necklaces 5
Found Object Necklaces 4One of the crafters working on her necklace

The kids had a lot of fun putting together various items. And our Junior Leaders could not resist making their own as well. What kid (elementary school, middle school or high school) doesn't like being let loose with a pile of craft supplies and glue?

Found Object Necklaces 7

These necklaces were a simple and easy project to make in the 50 minute time slot allotted for our class. In fact, the kids easily had enough time to make these necklaces AND make a burlap bookmark as well. Be sure to check those out! But for now, admire these totally unique, fun necklaces created by some craft kids....

Found Object Necklaces 9
Found Object Necklaces 8
Another necklace made by a Junior Leader
Some of the created items from the first craft class...

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